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Non-Instrumental Hymns, Inspiring Devotionals, and Bible Readings! Broadcasting Constant Encouragement,  24/7!

  • Non-instrumental church hymns every hour of the day and night
  • Bible passages read on a regular basis
  • Short, inspirational devotionals several times per hour
  • Full-length sermons throughout the week
  • 24/7 broadcast of biblical, faith-building content

Be encouraged daily in a way nothing but worship can do! Praise God with us every day while receiving provoking devotionals to help you live faithfully throughout the week! 

  • Listen while getting ready for work/school
  • Listen while driving, and on road trips
  • Listen on your lunch break to get you through the rest of your day
  • Listen in the evenings to wind down while praising God
  • Listen to relaxing church music while falling asleep 

Listen and be inspired to live for Christ every day! 

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Copyright Notice

To the best of our knowledge, all hymns on this radio station are either in the public domain, or permission has been granted by the copyright holder. Additionally, the owners of each hymn recording has been contacted, and permission has been granted to play their hymns on this station. To see a complete list of hymn contributors, you may visit our "Links" page. If you are aware of any violations of copyright on this station, please send us an email immediately to, and we will rectify it as quickly as possible. Thank you!